4 Types Of Treatment For Your Skin Problems


Skin is the largest part of our body and it should be taken care of. If you are having a skin problem, there are plenty of ways to treat it and today we will see 4 types of skincare.

1.Video skin consult

If you are having skin issues like acne, moles, bug bites, burn, or rashes then you can have immediate video skin consult to examine and give solutions. In this patients will be connected to dermatologists through video applications like zoom and skype. The doctors will assess the symptoms, give prescriptions, check your medical history and give advice on your lifestyle.

2.Video dermatology consult

This treatment is also done through the video but this is for more severe skin cases like psoriasis and eczema. The doctor will assess the symptom and give a prescription if needed but no biopsy will be done.

3.In-person dermatology consult

This is the face-to-face meet-up to get a better look at your skin problem. Usually, for severe cases, this treatment will be done. The doctor will assess the symptoms and give a prescription if needed but no biopsy will be done. You just need to find the doctor online, compare the prices and pay upfront to secure the appointment.

4.Skin cancer screening

If you think you have a higher risk of skin cancer then go for skin cancer screening and the doctor will do a full check-up to see any abnormalities. They will review your medical history, assess the symptoms, make a comprehensive skim exam, and advises you for follow-up. This should be done at least once a year.

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