Easy Home Chest Workout For Building Muscle Fast


A home chest workout is simple and easy to follow. The biggest advantage of working out at home is that it saves time, helps you spend more time with family and friends, and offers the convenience of exercising.

It will take about 10 minutes for a full workout if you are starting from scratch without weights. Make sure to warm up first by doing some light exercise like jogging in place or jumping rope; do it slowly (about three rounds) before lifting anything heavy since this can cause injury.

1. Push-Ups

Start by lying on your stomach with both arms next to your lower chest, palms facing down towards the floor while maintaining straight legs together. Now lift yourself off the ground and support your weight with the palms of your hands.

This is one push-up, and you can do as many push-ups as possible in a single set to build muscle fast. Do 2-3 sets total if you are starting, it will help you get stronger after trying this home chest workout for about three weeks.

2. Bench Press

Sit on a bench or stool while holding two dumbbells or free weights resting on either side of your legs, palms facing away from you, and arms fully extended while standing up straight. Slowly lower the dumbbells forward while maintaining an almost parallel position to your upper chest area; control the movement by bringing the weights back to their original work and repeat until you’ve done at least ten reps.

3. Push-Ups Drag Curls

Start in a push-up position and raise your right arm off the floor towards your chest at shoulder height, leaving the left one in place while you contract your triceps muscles for 1-2 seconds to get a good stretch before lowering it back down slowly. Now do the same to the other side by rotating your body forward, raising your left arm upwards, then dropping it back down just like you did with the other arm. Move into an extended push-up position again when both arms are raised and lower them down into a normal push-up position; repeat until you’ve finished eight reps for this exercise (4 per arm).

4. Flys On An Exercise Ball

Sit on an exercise ball while holding dumbbells with both hands keeping your arms straight over your chest area; now push the weights up above your head until they’re almost touching (keep back and neck straight), then slowly lower them down to their original position.

Do three sets of flys with at least 15 repetitions each for this home chest workout. Remember, always check with a doctor if you wish to start exercising or change your exercise routine due to pre-existing conditions.

5. Bench Press On A Stability Ball.

Sit on a stability ball while holding two dumbbells resting on either side of you. Palms facing away from you, extend arms fully towards the floor before pushing it upwards like in normal bench presses; repeat till you’ve done ten reps and finish with a final push up in the normal bench press position.

In conclusion, always be sure that you warm up before starting any exercise routine. If you are new to home chest workouts, start with light weights or exercise balls of 5-8 lbs (2.5-3.5 kg) and increase the weight as you become stronger; this is especially true for bench presses since the improper technique can lead to injury.