Why Exercise Is Worthless Without Being Mindful About Your Diet


Exercise alone is not enough to remain in shape. Being fit and healthy is divided into two parts. One part is physical activity and the other part is diet. A lot of influencers promote diets that are very restrictive to stay fit but in reality, fitness recipes are not radically different from what a normal person would eat.

Why Exercise Is Not Enough

The main goal of enrolling in an exercise program and sticking with it is to build muscle mass or at least to maintain it. Exercise is not enough to remain fit. The explanation is easy to grasp by looking at the numbers. If you run on a treadmill, you will see that you burn around 100 calories per mile or around 62 calories per kilometer. A single Oreo cookie has 53 calories. To burn a single cookie you need to walk on a treadmill for just under one kilometer or 0.6 miles. No matter how hard you exercise, you will not be able to keep up with a bad diet. You need to incorporate some fitness recipes into your diet and give up on a few things.

What Is a Fitness-Friendly Diet?

If you are looking at fitness recipes, you will notice one common trait across all of them. Recipes that are recommended for active individuals are low on carbs and fats. Applying this simple principle on giving up on carbs and fats can be done on almost any type of recipe including deserts. Sugar is a form of carb and even in deserts, it can be replaced by sweeteners that have a zero glycemic index. This simple idea should be a good starting point as it will help you become creative when it comes to fitness recipes. You will learn how to use the oven more to prepare food without using oil and you will find substitutes for dishes that are heavy on carbs. This will allow you to enjoy almost all your favorite dishes while staying fit and healthy.