7 Self Training Courses To Make 2022 Your Best Year


It’s officially 2022 and we all know what that means! A lot of unfulfilled wishes to get in shape before giving up before the end of February. The simple fact of the matter is, while we all WANT to get in good shape, we lack the discipline to follow through with it. And that only makes sense. After all, if we were disciplined enough to stick to a workout plan, we probably wouldn’t need to make a New Year’s Resolution in the first place.

The key to getting in good shape is to hold yourself accountable and work with an expert. If you said, “I want to learn to play piano,” you wouldn’t just sit by yourself at a piano and bang away at keys, would you? No! You’d hire an expert to help TRAIN you. The same is just as true here.

Below, we’ve found 7 stellar self-training courses that will give you all the tools to get your fitness back on track and ensure that you keep to your commitment, ultimately resulting in you being in the best shape of your life this year every other year prior.

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

1. Strength And Conditioning Bundle Course

An awesome course, the Strength and Conditioning Bundle will help any and everyone improve their strength and conditioning, regardless of whether you are an athlete, professional, or beginner.

2. Nasm Ultimate Trainer Bundle

Ideal for those that want to see dramatic results, this course comes with a nutrition coach, stretching & flexibility coach, and numerous specialization courses for you to follow to see dramatic results.

3. Career Kickstarter Bundle

A fully-guided program that comes with a certified personal trainer, this is the perfect bundle to kickstart your fitness lifestyle.

4. Sports Nutrition & Fitness Bundle

With nutrition playing a significant role in your performance, it’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t be eating to make your workouts just that little bit more effective and have you pushing just a little bit harder.

5. Nasm Elite Training Bundle

If you want to push yourself to the extreme, our NASM Elite Training bundle is the option for you. This course will push you to your breaking point and then some while also ensuring you have the best of the best content available.

6. Nasm - Cpt Training Course

If you’ve already improved your body, and seen just how important assistance is to achieve your goals, consider making yourself a CPT (certified personal trainer) so you can give others that same benefit.

7. Nasm - Cwc Training Course

Lastly, like the CPT training course, if you want to inspire others but are not quite interested in the exercise intensity, becoming a CWC (certified wellness coach) may be something worth legitimately looking at.